Who we are

The Springs of Living Water is a faith-based, non-profit social service agency that provides services, trainings and programs to enhance and sustain stability of individuals and families that they may attain self-sufficiency as well as contribute to the economic development of the community.

The Springs of Living Water was initiated by a group of 13 women volunteers with the purpose of addressing problems and concerns confronting families, the neighborhood, and the community under the Ministry on Missions and Social Concerns of the Brethren of Christ International.

Food Pantry – Distributing food to needy families and the homeless.

The group started its services through the Food Pantry project, distributing food and clothing to the needy of Oahu’s Leeward area since 1995. The organizer/founder of the group, Victoria L. Almosara, having been aware of the Immigrants and Welfare Reform Law; that immigrants can no longer avail of Public Assistance as they come after August 22, 1996 and DHS benefits will be cut off from participants after having been in the program for 5 years, remobilized the group. It started to draft and formulate its Vision and Mission to address the increasing needs of the newly arrived immigrants and families on Welfare.

The 13 founding members of the group started to pool their resources together through membership fees and individual contributions. They also solicited donations in-kind from non-members like used computers, sewing machines and office supplies. The 13 founding members were:

  1. Victoria L Almosara
  2. Dolores O. Almosara
  3. Merian O. Almosara
  4. Lydia Baas
  5. Emma Banaticla
  6. Ruth A.Banes
  7. Benny Rose Castillo
  8. Florence Faith A. Jose
  9. Judith A. Kidd
  10. Clarence Matibag
  11. Shirley Sanchez
  12. Sara A. Tiburcio
  13. Lorenza Love A. Tomas
“Life After Debt” Financial Management Seminar with mothers participants

On March of 1996, the group started to conduct Community Training Programs like Computer, Sewing, Lei Making and Financial Management. Within the year, an initial participants of 30 newly arrived immigrants and mothers on Welfare availed and benefited from the trainings.

The formal formulation of the Vision/Mission of the Springs of Living Water was triggered by the Columbine shooting incident on April 1999. On May 14, 1999 after having identified issues and concerns the group decided to register as a separate non-profit organization. The original main issues and concerns identified were:

Sewing Class for Non-working Mothers
  • The degenerating moral and spiritual values of the youth.
  • The alarming overspending of families and dependency on credit cards in meeting emergency needs.
  • The frightful plight of newly arrived immigrants in coping with the demands of life in the U.S. especially with the enforcement of Immigrants and Welfare Reform Law.
  • Concern for the indigent families, the elderly and the homeless.